4 Life-Changing Effects of Intense Pulsed Light Treatment


Hawaii Photofacial Cosmetic DermatologistsIn the world of cosmetic dermatology, many products and treatments claim to change your life. Unfortunately, if administered or performed by the wrong person, the change may not be what you want. Either the results are not what you had hoped or they produce unwanted side effects; in either case, you may be affected in unwanted ways.

However, there is a younger skin treatment called an intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial, an innovative treatment that gives you the natural-looking changes you want with very little downtime and few side effects. At Kitagawa Dermatology in Honolulu, we feel that you don’t have to completely give in to aging, especially when you feel younger than your age. That’s why we’re proud to offer IPL treatment to combat the signs of aging – and have a life-changing effect on you.

In general, for results that turn heads and draw interest, three to five IPL photofacial treatment sessions, each lasting about half an hour, are usually recommended about once a month, although individual cases will vary. Although everyone responds to cosmetic procedures differently, the effects of this skin resurfacing procedure can change your life.

Four Top Benefits of IPL Treatments

Effect #1: Erases Unwanted Discoloration

You may have noticed that your skin has developed unwanted discoloration in a few places. This discoloration may have formed due to aging, hormone changes, or damage from sun exposure, among others, and may include freckles, age spots, sun spots, and brown blotches on your face, neck, hands, or chest. Other dark splotches, called melasma, may also form on or around your forehead, mouth, and cheeks.

The therapeutic effects of Honolulu IPL treatment can erase discoloration by targeting your skin’s melanin-producing cells, which are responsible for the changes in pigmentation. The IPL technology allows younger skin treatment over a large area of your skin’s surface. Your discoloration issues should drastically improve with only 3-5 treatment sessions, although you likely will see effects immediately. There is little downtime and, after a few days, the treated area first darkens before fading to match your normal skin tone.

The result can be life changing, as the reappearance of your unmarked, clear skin will turn heads everywhere you go.

Effect #2: Strengthens Skin Texture By Stimulating Collagen Production

This effect can impact your life in more subtle ways than merely erasing unsightly skin discoloration. IPL can rejuvenate your skin texturally, which means the effects aren’t always obvious. During your IPL session, the intense light gently and gradually heats the deeper layers of your skin until the dermal cells located there, known as fibroblasts, begin producing more collagen. Visibly, this will improve your skin’s texture and smooth out its fine wrinkles.

However, there are unseen benefits to stimulating new collagen production. One is that your overall skin system will be strengthened. Another one is that the uptick in levels of collagen will enhance your skin’s natural healing properties. The result is skin that looks younger and firmer. Obviously, this can have a huge impact on you, as people will notice a younger-looking, more revitalized you!

Effect #3: Clears Your Skin of Unwanted Irregularities

Due to the various ravages that aging wreaks on your skin, your skin might have formed various unsightly irregularities that play with your self-esteem. These can include nose veins, spider veins, rosacea, redness, flushing, and birthmarks that have become more noticeable. These can add years to your appearance because they are associated with older age.

Many people just accept these skin irregularities and get along with their lives, but in cases where it’s extreme or unsightly enough to affect your self-esteem or confidence, IPL treatment in Honolulu can have a huge impact because it can offset these signs of aging and restore your youthful-looking appearance. Your skin is refreshed and, within a few treatments, your vibrant looks are back.

Effect #4: Smooth, Younger Looking Features

Finally, the overall effect from IPL will be younger-looking you with smooth skin, youthful features, and a restored twinkle in your eye. When the formation of lines and wrinkles catches you off guard by arriving earlier than expected, it can adversely affect your self-esteem. No one wants to have the signs of premature aging.

With IPL treatment, your skin texture will be revitalized. The signs giving away your real age – or, worse, making you look older than you really are – can be erased, giving you back the bounce in your step and the confidence to take on the world.

Learn more about younger skin treatments and laser dermatology at WebMD.com.

Contact Kitagawa Dermatology for More Info about IPL

IPL treatment in the hands of an expert dermatologist like Dr. Kory Kitagawa can have a huge impact because it can be tailored to meet your needs. Any skin type can be effectively treated for a variety of skin conditions. To find out how to rejuvenate your skin with IPL laser therapy, contact Kitagawa Dermatology in Honolulu today by calling 808.533.4434, filling out our online contact form, or visiting our office in the Kuakini Medical Plaza.

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