6 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Tattoo and the Treatment That Can Do It


Honolulu Laser Tattoo Eraser TreatmentOnce upon a time, you thought your tattoo was a good idea, but life took over and now you’re not sure about it – you laugh about it being an embarrassing “mistake,” but you really wish it could vanish.

If you have one of those, then you’re part of the 25% of Americans who regret the ink they have. Although it’s not often that you can eliminate evidence of a mistake, now you can rid yourself of a tattoo with the revolutionary laser device PicoWay from the experts in Honolulu dermatological care at Kitagawa Dermatology.

Six Common Reasons Why Our Patients Want a Tattoo Removed

Reason 1 – Career Aspirations

If you’re like many people, you got your tattoo on a whim in your teens or early 20s when the future was no  more than just a vague idea. However, once you reach your mid-20s and start working and being on your own in Honolulu, you realize that maybe your visible ink art is preventing you from getting jobs or restricting your movement up the company ladder, especially in a more conservative company. And don’t forget that, although having a tattoo has lost a lot of the stigma it used to have, many employers continue to judge job candidates negatively because of them.

Reason 2 – Maturity

Even those who were the wildest among the peers of their youth mature and become respectable adults in a civilized society. Many tattoos that are spur-of-the-moment decisions usually have been inspired by a trend that later becomes irrelevant or even obsolete. Then you’re stuck with a tattoo from an earlier part of life in Honolulu that now doesn’t apply to your lifestyle.

Reason 3 – Correct a Previous Procedure (Medical)

Years ago, before tattoos lost their stigma and technology improved, tattoos were permanent. Then, in the early stages of the tattoo removal movement, most methods had ruinous results. Stained skin, scarring, and chronic pain were just a few of the side effects of a botched tattoo removal. Even later, when technology made removal simpler and more effective, undergoing too many laser tattoo removal also had bad results.

At Kitagawa Dermatology, we use only the latest, most cutting-edge devices and technology available to remove your unwanted ink.

Reason 4 – Correct a Previous Procedure (Artistic)

“I’m a Buss” or “Live Everyday Like a Chump” are not typically the type of sayings that people are proud to display. However, if your previous tattoo artist was careless or simply just a bad speller, these and other mistakes might be good candidates for laser tattoo removal.

Reason 5 – Realizing That You Marred Your Beautiful Skin

If you got your flawless skin inked, and then woke up one day years later (or even the day after) and wondered with dawning horror why you marred your otherwise clear, beautiful skin, join the club. At the time, getting the tattoo seemed like an enhancement to your life, but now you wonder how it’s an improvement that parts of your supple, fresh, glowing skin are hidden.

Reason 6 – Poor Quality

Face it, just like in any industry, not all tattoo artists are fit to have their jobs. They might not have the proper skill or technique for a specific design, or maybe they don’t have the style or creativity to make your tattoo stand out. If you’re considering ink, do your due diligence – take the time to research the tattoo shop and artist you’re thinking about. It will save you time, money, and (most importantly) your skin.

Why Tattoo Removal is So Difficult

You probably already know that laser tattoo removal is a difficult endeavor, but you may not know why:

  • Ink Depth – Tattoo ink is injected into the dermis, which is below the top layer of your skin, making it harder to remove.
  • Ink Particle Size – The smaller the ink particle, the easier it is to remove. However, even multiple traditional laser tattoo removal treatments cannot break up all the ink into small enough particles, which means removal of your tattoo is only partial.
  • Color – Blues and blacks are easy to remove, but other colors are not, particularly reds and yellows.
  • Skin Tone – Most lasers cannot treat darker skin tones well because the dark skin absorbs too much of the laser energy, which means the targeted ink doesn’t get the full effects. This also increases your risk of injury.

Learn more about laser tattoo removal at WebMD.com.

PicoWay is THE Way to Remove Your Tattoo

There are limitations to traditional laser tattoo removal procedures. One is that it can effectively remove only a small range of tattoo colors and types because they can’t break up tattoo ink particles very well. Other problems include consistent complaints from patients about discomfort during treatment and heightened risks when used on darker complexions.

With PicoWay, however, there are no such limitations. It is an innovative, state-of-the-art dual laser tattoo removal device. With remarkable efficiency, comfort, and safety, PicoWay delivers uber short intense pulses of high-powered energy into your skin to erase your unwanted tattoos.

The two different carefully calibrated wavelengths of the PicoWay laser light target and erase a broader spectrum of colors. It emits heat energy to the ideal temperature for removing professional, amateur, or recalcitrant tattoos (those proven resistant to traditional laser treatment), yet it is still a better alternative to traditional laser tattoo removal treatment for all skin types.

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