How to Keep Asian Skin Beautiful and Youthful


Honolulu remove acne scarring ProcedureIf you’re one of the 21 million Asian Americans living in the United States, the good news is that the high moisture content of your skin prevents you from suffering some of the most egregious signs of aging, such as wrinkling, sagging and bagging. The bad news? Your skin is prone to brown spots and other hyperpigmentation that can be both aging and disfiguring.

With proper care, however, you can keep your skin clear and beautiful — no matter how fair or dark you are. Listed below are some of Dr. Kitagawa’s top tips for keeping your skin looking refreshed and healthy!

Why Your Asian Skin Rocks

Asian skin has a thicker dermis — that’s the layer where the strengthening and plumping protein collagen resides. This rich layer of collagen keeps your skin looking plump, firm, and wrinkle-free for years longer than Caucasian skin in most cases. Sebaceous glands also produce more oil in Asian skin, which helps you look more moisturized and glowing.

Why Your Asian Skin Needs Special Care

The outermost stratum corneum layer of the skin is thinner in Asians than it is in other ethnic groups. A thin stratum corneum is more prone to scarring from rough treatment, acne, and harsh ingredients. Asian skin also has three layers of the photo-protective pigment melanin and is, therefore, more susceptible to pigmentary disorders.

Here are some tips to make sure your skin stays smooth, toned, and clear throughout your life:

  1. Use Plenty of Sunscreen

The UVA and UVB rays of the sun can cause disfiguring brown spots, including freckles and lentigines. In addition to reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day, remember to wear hats and long sleeves when you’re outside and use an umbrella at the beach.

  1. Avoid OTC Harsh Ingredients

If you notice brown spots on your skin, you may be tempted to try over-the-counter skin whiteners, but these may cause scarring. It’s better to consult with a dermatologist who’s an expert in Asian skin about how to remove hyperpigmentation in order to avoid permanent damage.

  1. Treat Acne Sooner than Later… and Gently!

Popping your pimples or squeezing blackheads may leave you with disfiguring scars. Asian skin with acne is also more likely to develop keloids — scars that look and feel like hard bumps. Dr. Kitagawa may prescribe products with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and topical retinoids to keep your skin clear.

  1. Find an Expert in Asian Skin for Laser Treatments

Lasers are highly effective for resurfacing and rejuvenating Asian skin. However, the wrong settings can destroy pigment cells and create hypopigmented areas (white spots). Always choose a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in Asian skin for your laser treatments.

  1. Be Careful of Cupping

Culturally important remedies, such as cupping and moxibustion, can bruise or scar your skin. If you find these remedies helpful, be sure to be on the lookout for potential skin damage and see your dermatologist at the first sign of trouble. Learn more about cupping at

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Asian skin requires knowledgeable care at every stage of life. To be sure you’re using products that support the health of your skin and to find the best remedies for hyperpigmentation, acne, and signs of aging, contact Dr. Kory Kitagawa in Honolulu. Call Kitagawa Dermatology today to set up an appointment or use our online contact form!