UltraShape Power

UltraShape Power

Do you have pockets of excess fat in your belly or other areas of your body that make you self-conscious? Have you reached the point where you no longer see fat reduction results from exercise and dieting? As you get older in Hawaii, it’s frustrating when your body no longer responds to such efforts. In the not-too-distant past, once you reached this point, the best option for reaching your body-shaping goals was liposuction. Although it is still effective (and popular), you’re not thrilled with the prospect of painful, invasive surgery with a long recovery time.

Honolulu cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kory Kitagawa and his skilled, experienced staff at Kitagawa Dermatology sympathize and specialize in cosmetic services. More importantly, we know that it’s not a question of if you can lose your troublesome belly fat, but one of how. We also understand that a non-invasive body sculpting procedure is particularly appealing. That’s why we are proud to offer you an excellent non-surgical liposuction alternative, the FDA-approved UltraShape Power, a body contouring treatment featuring innovative technology that melts stubborn pockets of fat easily and painlessly.

Through the use of the new and improved UltraShape Power, the body contouring treatments of UltraShape are more effective than ever. Now, UltraShape Power features increased efficiency and consistency in its fat layer reductions while also requiring shorter treatment times. These faster, more effective treatments are also more controlled and more convenient than ever so that you can look and feel the way you want with UltraShape Power.

What is UltraShape Power?

UltraShape Power is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that targets and permanently destroys stubborn fat cells. What distinguishes it from its body contouring competitors is that UltraShape Power does not use a super-cooling technique or heat energy to get results. Instead, it’s the only FDA-approved procedure that uses the pulsing properties of ultrasound to melt your troublesome fat.

The body contouring procedure is simple and virtually painless. A specialized device placed on your skin zaps fat cells with waves of controlled ultrasonic energy. The targeted cells are instantly vaporized and eventually eliminated by your body. In addition, the improved UltraShape Power is adjustable to individual body areas and shapes for improved body contouring treatments that suit your unique needs.

Although Dr. Kitagawa in Honolulu usually uses UltraShape Power as a body contouring treatment for stomach fat, it is also effective for fat reduction in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Butt
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Love handles

Where Does the Fat Go After Body Contouring?

Once the targeted fat cells are destroyed, they are permanently gone. But where do the fragments go? Just as with other fats, your body simply breaks down the leftover particles in the liver before flushing them naturally via normal waste removal processes, such as urination. As a result, your fat loss in the treated area is permanent.

The Advantages of Body Shaping Treatments

If you’re like many of our UltraShape Power patients, you’ll appreciate the following advantages of this non-surgical body contouring treatment:

  • It’s non-invasive
  • Targeted fat removal is permanent
  • No anesthesia required
  • No downtime
  • No schedule disruption
  • No incisions or needles
  • No scarring
  • Quick, noticeable results

The Effective Results of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

It’s possible that you, like many of our patients, will see noticeable results within the first two weeks. However, since the elimination of the destroyed fat cells is gradual, the results you want probably won’t show for 6-8 weeks.

Your results can be permanent, but it depends on you. While the treated fat cells are permanently eliminated and, thus, cannot regrow, if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise, neighboring fat cells can grow larger. This essentially renders useless the body contouring treatment and all your previous hard work.

Therefore, to maximize the effectiveness of the body shaping treatment in Honolulu, keep up your daily healthy habits. If you do, you could have as many as three inches of fat reduction from your waist, though the average is usually about half of that.

How Many Body Shaping Sessions are Needed?

Although this varies from patient to patient, we recommend no fewer than three sessions, which can last 15-45 minutes each, depending on how many pockets of fat you want to treat. We also generally suggest that each session is spaced two to three weeks apart to get better results and allow your body time to recover and flush the fat from your system.

To learn more about body shaping treatments, visit Self.com.

Body Sculpting Side Effects

Since you don’t endure any needles or incisions, UltraShape Power body contouring treatment is not painful. It is rare for anyone we treat to report pain or anything more than mild discomfort.

Side effects are seldom experienced, as well. You might have tenderness or soreness around the treated area, but nothing more – no numbness, pain, breakout of lumps, or inflammation. Furthermore, there should be no inconsistencies in your body contouring results, which sometimes happen with traditional liposuction. Your new contours will be balanced and beautiful!

Who Can Benefit Most from UltraShape Power?

If you are moderately overweight, or if you’re close to your ideal weight but have several pockets of troublesome fat you want to troubleshoot, UltraShape Power is at its most effective. On the other hand, if you are borderline obese, you’ll benefit more from other body contouring treatments. UltraShape Power is designed specifically for those who want localized fat reduction in one or more areas. You should also commit to sustaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

To Learn How Body Sculpting Treatment Can Benefit You, Contact Kitagawa Dermatology

If exercise and diet have not helped you reach your body contouring treatment goals in Hawaii, yet you don’t want to undergo a painful, invasive fat reduction procedure like liposuction, then you should consider the non-invasive liposuction alternative UltraShape Power for safe, effective results. To learn more, contact Kitagawa Dermatology in Honolulu today by visiting us online or calling 808.533.4434. Don’t hesitate – your newly contoured body awaits!

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