PicoWay for Tattoo Removal

PicoWay for Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo or pigmented lesion on your skin that you wish weren’t there, you probably know how difficult it is to have it removed in Honolulu. There are plenty of images all around the Internet of botched tattoo removal outcomes via traditional laser methods, and they probably haven’t been encouraging if you’ve seen them.

However, PicoWay laser treatment for tattoos is different. It utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology for a minimally invasive and permanent way of removing a tattoo. At Kitagawa Dermatology, founded by Honolulu, Hawaii cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kory Kitagawa, we have the skill, compassion, and technology to make your tattoo disappear.

The Challenges of Tattoo Removal

Successfully removing a tattoo via traditional laser in Honolulu is not for the unskilled hand or fading technology. Your doctor has to consider the depth of the ink as well as the ink particle size. The deeper the ink and the larger the particle, the more difficult it is to remove the tattoo. Furthermore, color is important, as the darker ones (blues and blacks) are fairly easy to remove while colors such as reds and yellows are not. Finally, skin tone is a factor. Darker skin absorbs more laser energy than lighter skin does, which limits its effectiveness and can raise the risk of injury.

Then there are other issues. If the tattoo artist in Hawaii who inked you was unskilled or inexperienced, that could cause issues because they might have injected the ink to a depth that makes complete erasure incredibly difficult. If the ink used was of poor quality, it can hamper the tattoo removal efforts. Yellow is already the most difficult color to erase; poor quality ink simply exacerbates the issue, and multiple sessions could be required to fade it completely.

PicoWay Makes Removing Your Tattoo a Breeze

The limitations to traditional laser tattoo removal are plain to see. It does not break up the ink particles very well and it can remove only a small range of colors. There can also be quite a bit of discomfort during a procedure as well as increased risks if you are dark complected.

On the other hand, PicoWay is an innovative, safe, and efficient dual laser tattoo removal device. PicoWay delivers incredibly short (lasting a picosecond, which is one-trillionth of a second), intense pulses of high-powered energy into your skin. Two different, yet precisely calibrated, wavelengths of the laser target and erase your unwanted tattoos in a broad spectrum of colors. The energy from the laser heats to the ideal temperature to remove tattoos of all types – professional, amateur, or even recalcitrant ones (those have resisted previous traditional laser therapy).

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Technology Work?

The intense, ultra-short light pulses are the key to the effectiveness of PicoWay. They are so short that your surrounding skin is unaffected. The pulsing practically vaporizes the pigment, and your body gradually flushes the leftover microscopic pieces from your system. PicoWay also has the highest peak power amongst its competitors in Hawaii, which explains its effectiveness with even the toughest of tattoos.

The dual wavelength technology adds to the uniqueness of PicoWay. At wavelengths of 1064 nm and 532 nm, your doctor is able to customize the treatment to erase your particular tattoo. This efficiency means you undergo fewer treatment sessions in Honolulu, Hawaii compared to Q-switched lasers. Learn more about laser tattoo removal at WebMD.com.

The Benefits of PicoWay

In addition to undergoing fewer treatment sessions, PicoWay offers other benefits:

  • Complete tattoo removal
  • Effectiveness on a variety of skin types
  • Good at removing a wide range of colors
  • Ultra-fast pulses, ultra-fast results
  • Shatters ink particles better and smaller
  • Minimal risk to area around your tattoo
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Fewer treatments mean lower overall cost

Side Effects

Usually, there are few if any side effects of PicoWay laser tattoo removal in Hawaii. However, if they do happen, they may include the following:

  • Change in skin color
  • Redness
  • Blistering
  • Scabbing
  • Infection (rare)

Usually, any of the above side effects will recede in seven to 10 days.

How Many PicoWay Treatments Are Necessary?

How many treatments are required for your tattoo removal depends on several factors. To find out, a consultation with Dr. Kitagawa and his dermatology staff in Honolulu is necessary to evaluate the following:

  • Depth and density of ink
  • Tattoo color(s)
  • Tattoo location
  • Your skin type
  • Condition of your immune system
  • Your body’s ability to heal

In general, most routine tattoo removal results can be reached in two to four treatments, each about one to two months apart. Removing a more complex tattoo, or one done by an unskilled artist with poor quality ink in Honolulu will likely require four to 10 sessions about every two months.

Safe, Quick Laser Tattoo Treatment with PicoWay and Kitagawa Dermatology

You’re already regretting one decision; don’t make more decisions you’ll lament, such as choosing an unskilled dermatologist with outdated equipment. Trust your tattoo removal to PicoWay in the hands of Dr. Kory Kitagawa. To learn more, contact Kitagawa Dermatology today at 808.533.4434, fill out our online contact form, or drop by our Honolulu office in the Kuakini Medical Plaza.

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