How to Keep Asian Skin Beautiful and Youthful

If you’re one of the 21 million Asian Americans living in the United States, the good news is that the high moisture content of your skin prevents you from suffering some of the most egregious signs of aging, such as wrinkling, sagging and bagging. The bad news? Your skin is prone to brown spots and Continue Reading >>

How to Get Long-Lasting Acne Scars

What? You say you don’t want long-lasting acne scars? Well, you could have fooled me. In your quest for perfect skin, you may actually be creating so much trauma that you’re turning a minor acne breakout into major scarring that could mar your face for years, if not a lifetime. If you want skin that’s Continue Reading >>

Botox Do’s and Don’ts

It’s 2018! Another year has ticked by … and it’s showing on your face. Before you search on Groupon for a Botox bargain and end up with your first regret of the new year, use this list of Botox do’s and don’ts to ensure results that make you feel and look spectacular. DON’T Shop for Continue Reading >>

It’s Never Too Early to Get Beach-Body Ready!

Here in Honolulu, it’s always beach weather. But even if you’re snowbound now, it’s never too early to start getting yourself bikini-ready. From re-shaping your figure, to eliminating excess body hair, to finally doing away with an old tattoo that’s outlived its glory, beauty procedures need time to achieve their ultimate results. Begin your treatments Continue Reading >>

Still on the Fence About Botox? Try These Alternatives

Let’s face it: Botox has gotten a bad rap. Thanks to certain celebrities, some people associate Botox with a “frozen” or unnatural look. They believe that it will immobilize key areas of their faces so they can’t express themselves naturally, making them look emotionless. However, it isn’t the Botox that creates that effect: it’s a Continue Reading >>

The Future Looks Clear for Psoriasis Treatment

If you’ve been suffering from itchy skin, as well as the painful and embarrassing plaques and scales of psoriasis, relief is on the way. Research and drug development for treating psoriasis has escalated over the last few years, leading to a number of promising therapies that could lead to 100% skin clearance in many patients. Continue Reading >>

Are You Suffering from These Common Skin Problems?

As much as you try to take good care of your skin, you still could find yourself needing wrinkle treatment or skin rejuvenation. Prolonged exposure to the sun in Hawaii, the environment, genetics, and aging each can contribute to wrinkle formation, acne breakouts, excess hair growth, and a loss of desirable body contours. At Kitagawa Continue Reading >>

At-Home Skin Care Tips That Will Keep You Looking Refreshed

Daily skin care is an effective and essential preventative measure to help delay the effects of aging. The earlier you start practicing good, consistent at-home skin care and the more regularly you sustain it, the better your skin will fare over time. Nourishing skincare helps keep wrinkles at bay for a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. Continue Reading >>