Living Hair-Free and Carefree in Hawaii


Hawaii Permanent Unwanted Hair TreatmentYou have long, lush, luxurious hair … on your back. Or in your pits. Or covering your legs. Maybe, worst of all, you’re a beautiful woman who doesn’t even worry about a kid defacing her photo with a crayoned mustache: You’ve already got one.

If you live in Hawaii, unwanted hair is even more of a problem than it is in chillier climes. While New Yorkers can hide their unshaven hairy shoulders with black cashmere sweaters for almost three seasons, here in Hawaii, we sport short sleeves, shorts, bikinis, minis, and swimsuits all year-round. For us, “not shaving” is not an option. Or is it?


So Long, Unwanted Hair

Yes, you can be free from the distraction of unwanted hair without buying an ugly black sweater or hiding in the closet. Dr. Kory Kitagawa, a board-certified dermatologist, can remove all of your unwanted hair using a laser at Kitagawa Dermatology in Honolulu.

The laser targets the pigment in your hair shaft and follicle, vaporizing the hair and damaging the follicle with high-powered, focused energy. Once the follicle’s been destroyed or damaged, it can’t grow a new hair.

How Many Sessions Does it Take?

Right after your first treatment, you’ll notice a difference. Some of your hair will already have fallen out, leaving your skin smooth, silky, and hair free.

However, the laser works best when a hair is in the earliest stage of its growth cycle. Therefore, you’ll need multiple session (usually about six) to knock out all of the hairs you want gone. To maintain your results, a touch-up session every 6 to 12 months is also recommended.

What Does a Laser Session Feel Like?

In case you’re wondering if laser hair removal hurts, most men and women equate the feeling of the laser’s energy zapping their hair to the sensation of being snapped with a rubber band. You’ll come through your laser hair removal with just a little bit of discomfort and a whole lot of smooth, hairless skin.

If that still makes you nervous, Dr. Kitagawa’s aesthetic assistant can apply a numbing cream to your skin before your laser hair removal session.

Look and Feel Silky Smooth

Hawaii Unwanted Hair Treatments

Dr. Kitagawa can use a laser to remove hair from any place you don’t want it anymore, including:

  • Chin
  • Above the lip
  • Ears
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs

Laser Hair Removal Saves Time and Money

If you’re wondering whether laser hair removal is cost-effective, consider this: According to a 2016 survey conducted by Statistic Brain, a woman shaves an average of more than 7,000 times over the course of her lifetime. At 10-minutes plus per shave, that’s a lot of days gone down the drain.

Now, instead of shaving, you can use those 10 minutes to brainstorm a new business idea, balance your checkbook, and research investments. Or meditate.

Schedule Your Laser Treatment at Kitagawa Dermatology

If you’re ready for a life lived large and free of unsightly hairs, contact Dr. Kitagawa at Kitagawa Dermatology LLC. We’re located at the Kuakini Medical Plaza, 321 N. Kuakini St, #610, in Honolulu. You can call the friendly office staff at (808) 533-4434 or use our email form.