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"Dr. Kitagawa seems very forthright and honest, and he knows what he's doing as far as tattoo removal. He told me that it would take multiple sessions to fade my tattoo out completely, but that luckily because it's not too colorful or big there shouldn't be a problem eliminating it. I can't wait until this embarrassing tattoo is gone forever! I'm so glad I found Dr. Kitagawa because he has the most advanced tattoo removal laser, so I can hopefully get rid of it pretty quickly."  Tattoo Removal

"I made an appointment to have a couple of spots checked. After having to have one removed as a suspected melanoma a few years ago, I made sure I found a dermatologist as soon as I could after moving back to Hawaii. I was referred to Dr. Kitagawa by my regular doctor and I could not be happier. He's friendly and made the appointment as comfortable and quick as possible. Something about having someone check out my "spots" that I'm super self-conscious about just makes me want to be in and out as fast as possible. Anyway, it was very easy to get an appointment, it was easy to find, AND it was easy getting a follow up in a few months (and they're even squeezing my daughter in, too!) He answered every question and concern I had and didn't talk down to me like some other doctors have done. The staff is also friendly and helpful - they were more than happy to explain billing to me." Heather C.

"Dr. Kitagawa is great, I've been going for tattoo removal with this new laser he has called PicoWay and it's been amazing. Can't wait for the final results." Natsuki Kiriyama