Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic skin conditions are rarely harmful to your overall health. However, they can greatly impact your emotional health. Although many people would deny it, appearance plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves. That’s why cosmetic dermatology services in Honolulu, Hawaii are so popular. And that’s why you need a cosmetic dermatology specialist like Oahu native Dr. Kory Kitagawa on your side. Dr. Kitagawa brings his passion for biology and dermatology to the practice he’s led for more than six years. His training, knowledge, and compassion for his patients are all evident after spending just a few minutes with him.

The team at Kitagawa Dermatology provides exceptional Honolulu cosmetic dermatology services, including injectable fillers and laser treatments for patients who want smoother, more supple skin, legs, and faces. Contact our cosmetic dermatology facility today to schedule a consultation or simply find out more about our cosmetic treatment options.

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Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

An easy way to think of injectable treatments is this: for the lower part of the face, dermal fillers, or wrinkle fillers, are more common and effective; for the upper part, Botulinum-derived products, such as Botox work well. Of course, there are overlaps, but this is an easy, general way to keep it straight.

Wrinkle Treatment

Botulinum-Derived Treatments – These cosmetic treatments involve the injection of a very small amount of this neurotoxin into facial muscles that results in the smoothing or softening of the overlaying skin. Kitagawa Dermatology provides cosmetic treatments using brands such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Dermal Filler Treatments – These cosmetic treatments involve the injection of substances that fill in lines and wrinkles by occupying previously empty space under the skin. Also known as dermal skin fillers or injectable fillers, these wrinkle fillers can be used to augment lips and soften facial creases and wrinkles. They are made of various substances:

– Hyaluronic Acid Filler – Maybe the most popular cosmetic wrinkle filler because of its natural compatibility with the human body. Kitagawa Dermatology provides Restylane brands and Belotero.

– Collagen Stimulator – A less common cosmetic filler developed in laboratories, it provides long-lasting results. Radiesse and Sculptra are brands used by Kitagawa Dermatology.

– Collagen Filler – Results are long-lasting, though many believe that results are more natural-looking.

Be sure to have a personalized consultation to diagnose your specific cosmetic issues and decide the best course of action for you.

Laser Dermatology Treatments

Our cosmetic dermatology center also provides other cosmetic services to patients with skin care issues in Honolulu, including laser resurfacing for treating a variety of dermatological issues. Complications such as wrinkles, skin irregularities, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and more can be treated with these procedures.

They can be quick and easy cosmetic procedures with no downtime or more complex ones requiring several weeks of recovery.

Laser Resurfacing

Severe sun damage, serious acne scarring, over-pigmentation, and stubborn wrinkles are just a few of the serious skin problems that laser resurfacing can address. This cosmetic procedure uses a laser to remove skin fine layer by fine layer, resulting in dramatic changes but requiring less recovery time. Laser resurfacing involves using carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers.

To know which cosmetic procedure is best for your particular case, please contact our cosmetic dermatology facility today for a consultation with our friendly, highly-trained staff.

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Cosmetic Dermatology Conditions Treated at Our Center

Kitagawa Dermatology is proud to provide treatment to Honolulu patients for various skin conditions, such as acne scarring, including the following:

Why Choose Kitagawa Dermatology?

Dr. Kitagawa and his excellent staff are friendly and compassionate. Just as importantly, they are highly qualified and expertly trained. For either a medical issue or a cosmetic one, patients should consider Dr. Kitagawa. He is a surgical and cosmetic dermatology specialist who serves as an active inpatient consultant for all dermatological issues at Kuakini Medical Center.

Dr. Kitagawa is renowned for his personalized service, including personally reaching out to his patients to check on their progress. With his experienced dermatology team in Honolulu, Hawaii, patients can find insight into their needs through a consultation or receive top-notch care in comfortable surroundings.

Regardless of your cosmetic skin condition, you need an expert like Dr. Kitagawa on your side. To find out your specific skin condition or ailment, find an appropriate treatment plan, or ask any questions about cosmetic dermatology services in Honolulu, HI, contact Kitagawa Dermatology or call 808.533.4434 today.

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